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The Mission Of The Pearl Project

The mission of the The Pearl Projects is to create Discipleship-rich Resources & Opportunities specifically for women.

We like to think of Discipleship as Relational Leadership because we believe that it is through the context of relationships that our growth and maturity as followers of Jesus deepens and expands.

The heartbeat of The Pearl Projects is that women would enjoy opportunities to a) gather together, to b) learn more about Jesus, and to c) serve their communities, together. 

What's Your Story?

Do you ever wonder, “Where is God in this?” In Depression? Anxiety? Sexual Trauma? Stress? In infertility? Spiritual depletion? Abuse? Addiction? In our Sexuality? Death? Emotional Health Issues? In our Identity? Relational Stress? When lacking direction for the future? Figuring out what it means to follow Jesus in a post-Christian culture?

You’re in the right place and in good company. 

I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: it’s no fear.”
Nina Simone

The Pearl Projects create Resources and Opportunities for women to gather together, to learn more about God, and to serve the community, together. The Pearl Projects offer Spiritual Mentorship that we hope will add value to your faith journey.

What Are We Doing With Those Beliefs:

We offer women an opportunities to deepen their faith and to grow in their relationships with other women in their communities by designing discipleship-rich environments, resources, and occasions where Friendship + Story can flourish. 

When you’ve experienced the redemptive hand of God working in and through your life’s story bringing about restoration, joy, healing, and wholeness where it had not existed before, our stories are ignited with holy fire, freedom, and with new meaning.

We believe that we can partner with Jesus to rewrite our history by allowing Him to use our past to shape us in the present. By choosing to see His hand at work in our lives, even in affliction, we are choosing a life of ruthless trust and faith. Trading in our past for a whole new story, with Jesus as the author, is how He redeems our stories. That is how we emerge from our past as a new creation, and that is how we step into our future changed from the inside out.”  Jenna Hays, Founder  

What has hindered love in your life?
What has violated love in your story?
What is something that has held you back, but you’re ready to break free from?

Trade in the shackles on your life, on your body, on your emotions, on your relationships, and on your heart for an unbreakable freedom; For a brand new story.

Dance upon disappointment, tread on lies, and walk on water with eyes locked on the One who will never let you down. 

It is our job to use the story of our life to point others to where God has shown up for us, and to point others to His goodness and His mind-bending love for us. When you’ve been given a brand new life and a new way to be human, there is only one thing to do: 

Support our Cause

The Pearl Projects is a 501 (c) 3. If you’d like to partner with us to help make an impact on women in the Portland area, consider giving to The Pearl Projects. In doing so, you help us to create more discipleship resources and more discipleship opportunities for local women. We appreciate your support! 

Thank You For Supporting The Pearl Project

Identity & Calling

By Jenna Hays

The Pearl Project Jenna Hays Book

how do we change? 
How do we become more like our truest self?

 Identity & Calling is the book that we distribute to the women we work with at the strip clubs through The Pearl: Strip Project.

Identity & Calling is a working theory for how we actually change. How do we get from who we are now to who we want to be? Better yet, how do we become who God has uniquely made us to be?  In this book Jenna makes the point that what we believe about our identity (who we are) and our calling (what we do) has all sorts of implications for who we do or do not become, and what we do or do not do with our lives. 

Identity & Calling is an invitation to go on a journey to recapture the beauty and the power of knowing ourselves deeply so that we can know and love God and others more deeply. It’s a call to brush aside the cultural narratives and facades and to lean into the fulness of God’s vision for who He made you to be. Not all will go on this journey towards self-discovery, but those who do will have a richer taste of what Jesus meant when he said: 

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10: 10