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The Pearl: Strip

The Pearl: Strip

The Pearl: Strip

Beloved. Worthy. Chosen. Valued. Free. Beautiful. Daughter of the King. Favored. Loved. Fought for. Ransomed. 

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.
Hebrews 12:1

The Pearl Projects want to call out a vision over the women in our cities who work at Strip Clubs or in the Sex Industry.


We want to speak tender words of affirmation and dignity over them.

We want to call out their value and their worth in the eyes of Jesus.

We want to pray protection over them, and a guarding of their hearts, bodies, minds, and spirits.

We want to hear their stories, understand who they are, and we want love them in ways that they may never have experienced before.

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Getting Our Hands Dirty

For the purposes of The Pearl Projects, our working definition of the concept of “Sin,” is simply this:

That which violates love.”

If using the word “Sin,” is hard for you, we respectfully understand. But maybe just put the word aside for a moment and allow us to put together the context for this particular discussion.

We believe that the Global Sex Industries are some of the most pervasive platforms for, “That which violates love.”

Statistics indicate that where Strip Clubs are, sex trafficking is.
Statistics indicate that Child Pornography and Child Sex Trafficking are directly funded through The Porn Industry. Literally by every single click.
Pornography is the most profitable aspect of the Sex Industry. It is the most frequently downloaded content and the literal most profitable online industry in the world. It is a $100 Billion dollar business (which is more than the MLB, the NFL, and the NBA combined in any given year).
The day of the week with the highest rates of Internet Pornography downloads and Child Sex trafficking?

God’s Day.

Portland (home of The Pearl Projects) happens to claim some of the highest rates of sex trafficking in the United States along with having more Strip Clubs per capita than almost any other city in America. 

So we’re getting our hands dirty here at home. 

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Who Is She?

These women were once little girls.
They once had dreams, even if they were fairy tales or make-believe.

Their dreams still matter.

These ladies are:
Somebody’s daughter.
Somebody’s granddaughter.
Somebody’s sister
Somebody’s friend.
Somebody’s wife or future wife.

Most importantly, these women are Daughters of The King.

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What’s Our Plan?

The Pearl Project intends to reach out to women in these industries in 3 ways:

  1. We will establish groups of our Pearl: Women in various cities across the United States who have a shared vision for the spiritual, emotional, and physical flourishing of these girls in the Strip Club and Sex Industries. 
  2. The plan is to have our incredibly courageous Pearl: Team bravely step out in order to love on these women in practical and gentle ways by giving them gifts that speak of worth, dignity, value and beauty. 
  3. We will not be evangelizing to them, or telling them what they’re doing wrong. We will simply bring these women a One-Time Love Care Package at their workplaces filled with Pearl Projects literature as well as items that represent, speak, and embody love, beauty, dignity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and faithfulness. That’s it.
  4. Our Pearl: Community will be praying over the process before, during and after we give them our gifts, and then we will leave and leave the rest of the process to the Holy Spirit.

    What Else Will We Offer To The Women Who Choose To Leave The Strip Club / Sex Industry?


    Since we plan to revisit the strip clubs more than once, part of our holistic approach to supporting these women will be to eventually invite them to be a part of The Pearl Project Community and participate in any of our gatherings. 

    Doing so gives them the opportunity to explore their faith, to have one-on-one mentorship, ask tough questions, to receive some teaching about Jesus, take part in meaningful community with other women, and to give themselves the space to breathe and to dream again.


    We believe God wants to see our dreams become reality.
    We believe these women’s stories will speak of God’s goodness.
    We believe these girls are meant for more.
    We believe that our God will do immeasurably more than we can even ask or think.
    We believe that God has epic plans for them, and a bright future.

    We believe that He is going to Redeem these girls’ stories. Our role in that is to simply love them and to share our story. 

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