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The Pearl

Rest Retreat

The Pearl: Rest Retreat

The Pearl: Rest Retreat

Come enjoy a restful weekend away

The Pearl Project ladies will be given the opportunity to gather together several times per year in Oregon for a weekend of rest, relaxation, and meaningful connection with other women and with nature. 

The Rest: Retreat is an opportunity:

  1. To take in some silence and solitude.
  2. To unplug.
  3. To spend time in your own head.
  4. To meditate on the beauty of God’s creation.
  5. To spend time in God’s word uninterrupted.
  6. To breathe in the fresh mountain air.
  7. To take in some fantastic teaching.
  8. To connect with other women.
  9. To be away from the hustle and bustle.

Our retreat locations will vary across the state to suit the different proximities of our Pearl: Community, but in general our intention is to be nestled away in the woods somewhere cozy and comfortable. 

When we are in the wilderness, both figuratively and literally here, that is where we find our deepest growth occurs. The stretching of ourselves and the vulnerability it requires to spend a weekend with women we may not know and step into unchartered water is one of the most beautiful and life-giving things, because God meets us in that place.

Let us be brave, together


There will be a Guest Speaker and then a panel of speakers to contribute to the topic of the retreat. These speakers will be hand-picked and intentionally sought after because of the precise nature of their gifting and their specialization concerning our topic. There will be plenty of free time and opportunity for adventure. And of course, Rest is the top priority. 

Jenna’s (late) Grandfather Don Rowlett owned The Box R Ranch which is a guest ranch and retreat center in Ashland, Oregon since the mid-seventies. Nestled away in the mountains, He had always intended for it to be a place of rest and rejuvenation for people to reconnect with nature and with God. The Pearl Projects aim to replicate that vision for rest and renewal at these retreats throughout the year by seeking God in His beautiful creation. 

Invite your friends and let’s do this!

We will be announcing these dates and locations via our email list and via our social media accounts. If you’d like to be added to our email list Contact Us

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