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The Pearl: Academy

The Pearl: Academy

The Pearl: Academy

The Pearl: Academy is an online teaching and mentorship resource that will be available to members of The Pearl Project.

Every quarter The Pearl Academy will announce an E-Course or a teaching series on a particular topic. In one calendar year then, we will cover 4 specific topics for the purpose of personal growth and discipleship.

If you enroll in the course/teaching series, you will receive the content of the teaching in your inbox once per week for the designated amount of time of the particular series. For example, the upcoming series on Identity + Callingwill be a 6 week teaching series (that you don’t want to miss) so you would receive a total of 6 emails.

The pdf. version of each teaching series will be available for download, as well as a printed version available for purchase.

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Each week’s teaching will cover the specific topic in depth, and offer probing questions for discussion and analysis. There is no homework for the series, but we surmise that the more you engage with the questions, the more you will likely get out of the teaching.

We will encourage our registrants to email The Pearl: Academy Teamwith any questions they have during or after the series. We will likely use them in a follow-up to the series itself for the benefit of everyone who enrolled in the courses.

We are strong proponents of self-initiated learning. So the accompanying philosophy of the academy then is that we offer content, a study guide of sorts, additional materials and recommended resources in order for you to be able to participate as little or as much as you’d like.

There will be two ways to utilize The Pearl: Academy:

  1. Personal Use
    Use the series as a diving board for your own curiosity, inquiry, and study of the particular topic. The individual study of our resource material in conjunction with the studying of God’s word will produce personal + spiritual growth to be sure as you assess for yourself the content and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through it.
  2. Small Group Use
    What we would love to see happen is that The Pearl: Academy Teaching Serieswould be used as a Small Group/Home Group curriculum of sorts. As we have said before, we believe that following Jesus happens best in community, so we encourage opening the door to share in your studies of these materials with others in your community.
  3. Women’s Ministry Studies
    Many women are involved in a women’s community Bible study of some sort at their local churches. As The Pearl: Academy continues to develop its curriculum base, we will be marketing much of our material to the broader Women’s Ministry/Church networks across the country. We believe that we have something unique to offer to women in todays churches, so we hope to see this vision come to fruition as time goes on.
  5. These teaching series will be printed as curriculum and will be available for any women’s groups or Bible Studies to utilize however they see fit for their particular group’s needs.
  7.  Feel free to check out What We’re Reading to get a feel for the material we will be pulling from in order to develop these fantastic resources. Stay tuned for updates about the upcoming series!

    *This Project launches in 2021

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