The Pearl Projects Create Discipleship-Rich Environments and Resources for Women.

Mission Statement:
The Pearl Projects create opportunities for women
to GATHER together, 
to LEARN more about Jesus 
and to SERVE other women in their communities.

To Do Life Together: (COMMUNITY) 
Finding a sense of community and belonging by taking part in the various gatherings that we have available. 

To Learn More About Jesus: (TEACHING)
We believe that solid Biblical teaching is one of the many ways that we can love God with our minds.
The renewal of the mind is one of the ways that we (over time) change to become more like Jesus. 
Learning to see all of life through a Biblical Worldview lens helps us to apply our relationship with God to our everyday lives in a robust and more effective way. 

To Serve Other Women: (APPLICATION) 
This is where the Teaching and the Community are put into action by serving the specific needs of other women.
This is identifying those on the margins of society, the vulnerable and the ones who may not ever set foot in church but who desperately need to experience the love of Jesus through His people. 
This is where the disciple of Jesus goes and washes the feet of others. 
This is how and where disciples of Jesus go and make more disciples. 

The Pearl Projects: TO GATHER: (Community)

The Pearl Projects: TO LEARN MORE ABOUT JESUS (Teaching)

The Pearl Projects: TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY (Application)