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Sponsor a Love Care Package

Sponsor a Love Care Package



Would you like to partner with us in a unique way for our Pearl: Strip ministry?

Each month we go into one local strip club and deliver a Love Care Package for each dancer that is full of beautiful and intentionally chosen gifts. The women love to receive these gifts and we’ve been able to make some truly meaningful connections with them as a result of these gifts.

Each gift is intended to appeal to one or more of the senses and the spiritual dimension is that we just want these women to know how deeply loved they are by us and by Jesus every time that they use or see or touch or hear each of the gifts.

There are many different love languages but for this project, this is how we’ve chosen to love on these women uniquely.

Thank you for your support of this project!
If you’d like to be added to The Pearl: Strip Prayer Team email list where we send out the precise prayer requests for each outing, please indicate that for us at checkout.

We believe that the Spirit of God is on the move in the city of Portland. Sponsoring a Love Care Package is a cool way to love these women uniquely as we all partner with the Spirit by contributing to His work to redeem and bring light into the broken places in our city.


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