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Le Petite


Le Petíte Pearls

Le Petíte Pearls

The Pearl: Leadership Team is designing faith-based and opportunities specifically for young women ages 14-24 in order to speak into age-specific issues that they encounter in our culture at large.

This will look like:

  1. – A 31 Day Devotional Book
  2. – The Pearl: Academy/LePetítes Online Courses
  3. – Half-Day Local Seminars
  4. – Weekend Retreats
  5. -Le Petíte Pearl Podcast Station
  6. -An Online Community page just for these young women

The Pearl Project: Leadership Team and the Guest Speakers (at the events) will be intentionally hand-picked by The Pearl Project Leadership Team in order to offer these young girls an encouraging and fresh edge about what it means to be a vibrant follower of Jesus in the secular culture we live in.

In addition to the teaching and discipleship tools we will make available to young ladies, we will be hosting an annual Le Petíte Retreat. 


Le Petíte Retreat

Upon arrival, the girls will be asked to unplug their technology for the duration of the weekend. We realize this is difficult for many, but we believe that this temporary technological sacrifice heightens our attention to what God may want to speak to each girl while at the retreat. We believe that God speaks in the silence, so we want to offer girls a tangible taste of silence and solitude which was a regular practice of Jesus.

Our goal for this retreat is similar to The Pearl: Rest Retreat for older women in that we want to offer the younger ladies a chance to step out of their comfort zones and out of their typical schedules and experience God in a fresh and new way. We acknowledge and respect the courage this requires, and we understand how scary that can be for so many of us to step into the unknown. But we still believe it’s worth it.


When we simply show up and offer what we have to God (our time and our attention), He meets us there and He speaks. Sometimes our environments don’t leave much time or space for His still, small voice to be heard. So it is our hope that this weekend may serve as a fresh start in many ways for young women to reconnect with Jesus, and to connect with other young ladies just like them.

This is a break from routine and it’s an opportunity for rest, free time, and a chance to simply be loved by slightly older women whose hearts are genuinely devoted to caring for and loving other women- our Pearl: Leadership Team.

The Le Petíte Retreat will include all of your throwback favorite things about church camp except there’s a twist:

We are going to offer One-on-One Relational Mentorship from our Relational Leadership Team. Each girl attending will be teamed up with a slightly older mentor.

This Life-on-Life experience for these young girls is going to be offered throughout the entire weekend at camp, *if they so choose. This is our attempt to let the girls be known, to feel heard and valued in very special ways. (optional)

This gives them an opportunity (not obligatory) to get real, get honest, and get deep about their faith, their doubts, and their struggles with a mature Christian female leader who will offer a listening ear, and who will offer topic-specific insight to speak life, encouragement, and truth into these young girls lives and situations.

We’re encouraging slightly older women who would like to participate in one way or another to let us know how you’d like to contribute to the retreat. There’s all kinds of ways that women could serve at the retreat itself and be a part of the incredible things that the Lord will do in the life of the young women on this weekend.
Be sure to let us know if you feel led to participate.


Friendship + Story

We gather – We pray- The Holy Spirit Comes (The teacher)- We Partner with Him- He does His work in our hearts + minds = Lives are changed.

If you would like more information about the Le Petíte Pearls events or resources, please fill out the form below. One of our staff will be in touch with you shortly. Feel free to ask specific questions here as well.

We hope that following the Le Petíte Retreats and/or after experiencing our Pearl: Academy E-Courses, that some of our young ladies would consider going through our Le Petíte Pearl: Internship Program.

This is a short-term internship program that will allow the young ladies who have already attended a retreat an opportunity to pour back into the next group of girls at the next annual Le Petíte Retreat by becoming part of our Relational Leadership Team as Camp Counselors.

The whole idea of The Pearl Project itself is to create Discipleship-Rich environments for women to flourish in and to become equipped, to then turn around to disciple and equip other women. For many of the young ladies, knowing that this leadership opportunity is available to them makes the process of learning to love Jesus all the more fulfilling. We want our girls to know Jesus more, and to give Him away to others. This internship opportunity as well as the retreat itself is an environment for both of those things to happen.

Meet Emery (3). She is the next generation’s leader in training

Core Principles of the 
Le Petite Program

Essentially the Interns will walk through a Leadership Training Course designed by The Pearl Project Leadership Team that will help prepare the girls for the various aspects of what being a camp counselor means. We will walk through the emotional, spiritual, and relational dynamics that are present in any ministry context, and offer some practical tips for how to gently approach their role as mentors and as sisters in Christ.

A large portion of the Leadership Training Course is about encouraging the young ladies to be courageous in articulating the ways in which their relationship with God has changed their lives. Essentially, we are helping the girls to speak bravely and publicly about A) who Jesus is, B) how His life and teachings have transformed their lives, and C) how they came to know Him (their testimony).

We offer a platform for them to practice their public speaking skills, we offer role-playing scenarios for troubleshooting scenarios, we offer Team-building exercises, inclusion techniques, and so much more. Most importantly, we want offer a continuation of the discipleship process we began with them at camp. We want these young women to take what they’ve learned through their own relatinship with God and through our program, and apply it to their service to other young women in this retreat/ministry setting.

We believe that there is so much power in friendship and story. Our testimonies are often the key that unlocks the door for others to desire to know Jesus more intimately. What if YOUR story was the spark that lit the fire in someone else’s heart to want to pursue a relationship with Jesus because they have seen and heard of a good God who has reached His hand down into the story of your life, and they recognize that you are different because of it.


What if we taught our girls to tell their story? Not the kind of filtered stories that Instagram or Facebook make their money with. What if our girls told a better story? A different story that our culture desperately needs to see and hear.

What if we taught our girls to be brave, and to speak up about the healing and restoration that they have experienced? What if we encouraged our girls not to be powerful for the sake of power itself, but to live courageously because they have been given a new life, a new heart, and a new mind through the power of Jesus.

What if we subdued the lie in our young girls’ ears that says that “you aren’t enough,” and instead we spoke the truth over them? What if they knew that they were chosen? What would that do inside of them if they believed that to their core? 

What if they knew that they are God’s beloved; That they are fearfully and wonderfully made; That they are predestined for good works; That they are royalty – the daughters of THE King; That He began a good work in their hearts, and that He will be faithful to complete it; That we have a future and a hope because of what Jesus did on the cross.


That’s where you come in.

We want to be women who encourage other women. We want to encourage each and every young woman that God has a plan for her and that He is using every moment, every circumstance, and the entirety of your (our) stories to point us back to Himself. To point to the God who never has left you or forsaken you, and who is making all things new. We want to establish these truths for our interns so that they can live them, breathe them in, and offer them back to the next girl they encounter.

“If it’s not good, He’s not finished with it yet.” 
For All Seasons

Stay tuned for more updates and information about the Le Petíte Pearl: Internship Program

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