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Want to Host a Pearl: Book Club Gathering?

Hostess Guide

Want to Host a Pearl: Book Club?

Want to Host a Pearl: Book Club?

Each month 
The Pearl: Leadership Team will send out:

This Month’s Reading

In addition to the Book Title, we will offer some Discussion Questions for Group Leaders to use as a diving board for discussion within your groups if you’d like. Feel free to add to this list of questions, but the idea is to generate healthy and dynamic discussion amongst your group members.

If you’re interested in Hosting a Pearl: Book Club at your home, a local hang spot, or business space, please contact us or use the form below so that we can send you the Pearl: Hostess Information.

We will also be offering some coaching for any Hostesses that may want some help promoting their Pearl: Book Club, as well as ideas for how to make the occasion very simple and stress-free.

The Pearl: Leadership team will assume a support-role for you in order to help with anything that comes while hosting your Pearl: Book Club.


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